Media, Indoor and Outdoor

Written October 16, 2019

Indoor & Outdoor Banner Materials

Paper Based
  • Bond paper or resin-coated papers are suitable for many short-term indoor or outdoor occasions (weather dependent), are inexpensive and can be printed with any large format ink system.
  • Latex saturated paper has much higher tear strength for longer or larger indoor banners. Latex is also better able to withstand wind and light rains.

Plastic/Vinyl/Synthetic Materials

  • Polypropylene plastic has good tear resistance, while being lightweight and economical. This material can be used outdoors, with or without lamination.
  • Super tough polyolefin base banner material has great tear resistance, better for large indoor economical banners. Can be used outdoors, with or without lamination.
  • Scrimless banner vinyl for indoor pop up displays or trade show graphics
  • One or two sided scrim vinyl. This is usually a nylon or polyester mesh that is encapsulated with a poly vinyl coating (PVC) on one or both sides, Extremely durable, either laminated or uncoated.
  • Blockout banner material has a black inter layer that prevents sunlight or other light sources from penetrating through the banner proper. You can buy one or two sided blockout material
  • Tyvek material is non-woven polyester that has extreme resistance to tearing and is excellent in adverse outdoor environments.
  • Vinyl mesh is used in place of banner material for wind prone areas, scaffolding, fencing or other placements where some transparency of the banner is indicated. Composed of a polyester scrim base fabric impregnated with PVC. It can be purchased with a release liner for printers that do not have mesh printing capabilities. Printing mesh without a liner is only possible on those printers that have a sponge, pad or channel to capture the ink that passes through the holes. Mesh material comes in many hole sizes and configurations