Written October 16, 2019


Lifting is a condition where the film did not receive adequate heat or dwell time to fully activate the adhesive and achieve full bond. The material may "lift" away upon exiting the laminator.

Cause 1

Inadequate roller temperature fails to activate adhesive.

Solution 1

Increase temperature setting on rollers or heat shoes.

Cause 2

Processing speed is too fast, preventing the adhesive from contacting the rollers or heat shoes long enough to achieve activation threshold.

Solution 2

Slow processing speed.

Cause 3

Pressure on the laminating rolls or pull rolls may not be sufficient.

Solution 3

  • Increase pressure on laminating rolls.
  • Increase pressure on pull rolls.

Cause 4

Failure to seal edges. Combined materials may be too thick for the heat/pressure capability of the laminator.

Solution 4

  • Select thinner laminating films.
  • Purchase a heavier-duty laminator.