How to Select a PDAA Installer

Written October 16, 2019

Finding the right installer for your installation job is easy when you use the PDAA Find an Installer Search. To maximize your search, here are some terms and concepts you should know.

Search Criteria

The PDAA Find an Installer Search allows you to search for a PDAA Master Certified Installer by:
  • Company name
  • Nearest City
  • State
In making your search, it is important to remember that most installers serve not just locally, but also regionally or nationally. Keeping this in mind can help broaden your choices.

Master Certified Installers

Found in PDAA's Find an Installer search, PDAA Master Certified installers are the best in the installation industry, and have proven their abilities through stringent testing administered by PDAA. They are highly proficient in flat, simple curved and complex curved surfaces using a broad range of materials. In your search results, you will see full contact information and brief company descriptions for each Master Certified company.

Basic Certified Installers

PDAA's Basic Certified installers have also undergone proficiency testing, and are certified to do all types of flat and simple curved surfaces. In some cases, Basic Certified Installers choose to be Basic Certified. In others, the company is in the process of training up to full Master Certified status.

Other PDAA Members

General members of PDAA do not have any PDAA Certifications, they may be highly proficient in vinyl installations, though not yet certified. General members can be found by using the PDAA Member Search. Once your search is complete, the next step is yours. Simply contact the PDAA member companies in your search results, discuss the terms of the job, and you're on your way to a professionally-installed graphic. Please note that the more information you can give the installer about the job at hand, the better the installer can estimate the job. Build Your Network To make it easier for graphics producers to submit installation bids, and find installers to bid on the work, PDAA offers its online Graphics Installation Bid Creator. This tool allows graphics producers, print buyers and others to create a short RFP, specifying:
  • Type of installation needed
  • Materials used
  • Installation date
  • Location
  • Which US states to include
Once the person creating the bid has selected a list of possible Master Certified installers, those installers are then forwarded a summary of the job offered. The selected installers are then given an opportunity to submit a bid or decline the opportunity. For additional information, please feel free to contact PDAA at, or 888.385.3588.