Flexible Indoor Prints

Written October 16, 2019

Made primarily for ease of carrying and use, these graphics are typically not mounted to a rigid substrate. They could be hung in a grocery store, presentation graphics that need to travel rolled up, for one time use in meetings, etc. Media could range from poster grade paper to photo grade paper, textiles and plastic semi-rigid roll able materials. The driving factor is the cost of the graphic for its limited life span.  

Ink Systems All ink systems can be utilized for this product. Finishing Flexible presentation prints can be fully laminated front and back (or encapsulated) prints which are used for various indoor presentation purposes. Typically, they are not mounted to a substrate. Flexible presentation prints are typically laminated hot with a 3-7mil laminate applied in one pass through the laminator. There are also budget limitations, where no laminating is required, depending on the graphics location and duration of display.