Do You Need a RIP?

Written October 16, 2019

You may not need a RIP if you print from an Adobe application or other bitmap application that supports direct printing to raster devices. Most Adobe applications can correctly rasterize artwork for bitmap printers (inkjets), except where Postscript effects are being used. The manufacturers of consumer inkjets have drivers that support their model of printer to interpret bitmapped images.

However, Postscript or eps images or files will not be printed. Photographers, for most of their work, do not need a RIP, as they can print directly from Photoshop. InDesign and Illustrator, however, create postscript for transparency and drop shadows and other effects that require a RIP to translate properly. However, RIP technology will benefit any creative enterprise when more control is needed when controlling the final output, proofing or final output simulation.

RIP software can provide more user control over the printed image with several quality control functions that enable printer linearization and ink limiting. RIPs are also used to provide color separations for screen print positives and can output a variety of dot patterns and line screens.