Billboard Signage

Written October 16, 2019

Description You see them every day…extremely large signs on a rigid flat panel or stretched on a frame, used for advertising everywhere and anywhere. Billboards, construction projects, attractions, all are common places for billboard signage. You may also find them mounted on buildings, truck sides, highways, and in urban centers.   

Media For billboard signage, you can use any flexible vinyl banner, scrim-reinforced banner, smooth, opaque or translucent material. These materials are typically in the 13 to 20 oz. weight range. Typically, these are imaged with a solvent, eco-solvent, latex, or UV curable ink jet printer. Polyethylene is also being used for billboards and other large signage, as it has can be recycled into plastic lumber and other products. In addition to billboards, these materials are also suited for outdoor signs and some flexible truck side signage.