Backlit Media Selection

Written October 16, 2019


Backlit materials matched for your printer's ink set, are the best choice as they provide the best light transmission and color balance for display purposes. Backlights can either be produced using front imaging onto white film, paper or vinyl, or by using a reverse back print media. Other media types may work, but experimentation may be necessary to achieve optimum results. You will need to know the light box output in order to print the right density print.

  • White PET (polyester) film is an excellent choice for this product as it provides a nice light diffusion all by itself. Also produces the brightest white and ink vividness.
  • Photo papers can be used as they have good diffusion and excellent reproduction properties.
  • White vinyl can be printed and applied to a white sheet of diffusion plastic.
  • Polycarbonate white or clear film is another alternative, but requires mirrored printing, as you print through the back of the inkjet receptive layer.
  • Cast or Calendared Translucent PSA Vinyl
  • PVC smooth vinyl for backlit applications
  • DuraTrans or Translight, plastic materials which are inkjet or photo imageable
  • Textiles of various types are suitable for use in backlit display systems