A Publisher’s Approach to Social Media for Promoting Societal Values

A study appearing in Advances in Social Science Research Journal focuses on a publishing company, Sage, and how it stresses humane qualities of a diverse society. 

Conducted by Cal Poly Emeritus Professor, Harvey Levenson, the study is presented at a time when social media is in question and being scrutinized by groups ranging from social scientists to media critics to the U.S. Congress. However, Levenson found that, “Sage, developed uniquely positive messaging for social media and is a model for other organizations.” 

Starting with a background of Sage, the study starts with a brief history of publishing and continues with the history of social media, with a focus on LinkedIn.” The results according to Levenson, “presents a model that is an anomaly for social media postings.” He said: “I found that Sage’s communication approach is not to sell products and services via social media, but to educate its followers and stakeholders on the important issues of the day. It ‘talks’ to its followers and provides free advice on how to best address human needs, and the role that publishing plays in this.” 

Four broad categories, 14 specific categories, and 90 topics of social issues are explored. The study covers the people behind the Sage LinkedIn postings; purpose of the postings; Sage corporate morals, ethics, social responsibilities, values, and philosophy. The full study, also attached, appears here: https://tinyurl.com/4ann32s6