Fujifilm Group Improves Production Print Quality and Consistency with Jet Press 1160CFG

Fujifilm Group announces the launch of a high-speed continuous feed color inkjet printer, Jet Press 1160CFG, for the commercial printing market. Introducing a newly developed pre-drying unit, “The Paper Stabilizer”, to enhance stable print quality by drying paper before printing commences and constantly controls the moisture content of the paper. Sales will commence from today in Europe and North America. Customers in Japan have already adopted the Jet Press 1160CFG for commercial printing on offset-coated paper and have started operation.

Inkjet printers are well-known for their excellent reproduction of fine text and colors, making them ideal for printing books, brochures, and other applications. To attain and maintain such high-quality printing, the condition of the paper is vital, and this is dependent on several external factors such as season, temperature, and humidity of the storage location. With non-conducive storage conditions, paper can be easily exposed to moisture resulting in the deformation of the printed paper and a decrease in print quality as there is insufficient ink drying during printing and especially on thicker papers.

With this new technology, “The Paper Stabilizer" improves ink fixation on thick paper and reduce waviness on thin paper due to the presence of moisture. The pre-drying unit helps to dry the paper before printing and controls the moisture content of the paper to a constant level. By drying the entire sheet of paper, the paper quality can be kept constant, regardless of the paper storage environment, therefore stabilizing the print quality. Coupled with Fujifilm Group proprietary aqueous pigment ink, applications are printed beautifully on offset coated paper without primer to fix the ink. Users can also enjoy high productivity and high-quality printing with the maximum printing speed of 160 meters per minute (2,096 pages per minute on A4 cut paper) and a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. The Jet Press 1160CFG supports a wide range of commercial printing applications such as direct mail (DM) and brochures.

• Newly developed pre-drying unit "The Paper Stabilizer" helps reduce paper wrinkling and rippling including thin paper

By streamlining the ink drying process for all paper media, including thick coated paper*2, which is difficult for ink to penetrate, enables the printer to achieve a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and maximum printing speed of 80 meter per minutes.

By controlling the moisture content of the paper in the pre-drying process before printing helps to reduce paper expansion and contraction during duplex printing and improves print positioning accuracy on both sides of the paper. With the removal of excess moisture from the surface of the paper, blotting caused by accidental mixing of ink droplets is prevented, resulting in improved image quality uniformity on both sides of the paper.

• Attain high-quality printing on offset coated paper
Fujifilm Group proprietary aqueous pigment ink produces high quality printing on offset coated paper.

• Enjoy high quality output and rapid processing with the print server technology
Print server can handle quick conversion of output data 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 8 bit while printing simultaneously. This reduces the time required for generating pre-printing data, which shortens the overall printing time and maximizes the productivity of the printer.