ECO3 Introduces Eclipse Pro: Enhanced Contrast, Convenience and Cost Savings in Process-Free Offset Plate Technology

Mortsel, Belgium - ECO3 has launched Eclipse Pro, an ultra-convenient process-free offset plate for an easier and smarter way to print. Suitable for the commercial segment, this innovative process-free offset plate offers an exceptionally wide print latitude, superior and stable image contrast, and outstanding scratch resistance.

As ECO3 continues its vision to deliver prepress and printing solutions that are fit for the world of tomorrow, the company is introducing its latest innovation in offset plate technology, Eclipse Pro. This advanced process-free plate is firmly based on ECO3’s customer-centric approach, which encompasses Ecology, Economy and Extra Convenience to optimize efficiencies and support sustainable growth.

“The new ultra-convenient Eclipse Pro plate is another piece in our Total Solutions approach, which leverages a broad, integrated portfolio of plates, equipment, software and expertise to bring more value for printing companies,” says Iris Bogunovic, Product Manager Plate and CtP Systems. “Eclipse Pro has been meticulously developed with the needs of commercial sheetfed printers at the forefront, guaranteeing a seamless integration between convenience, time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

Eclipse Pro promises to elevate process-free printing to new heights by producing consistent, high-quality prints over a broader range of printing conditions. The generous print latitude allows quick press start-ups and restarts with only minimal paper waste in a wide range of scenarios. Crucially, Eclipse Pro requires no major changes to the existing setup; it can simply be dropped into the workflow in place of a conventional plate, making it a very convenient choice for many commercial printing facilities. The convenience is further enhanced by the plate’s ability to print with conventional as well as H-UV/LED-UV inks, giving printers more flexibility in their daily production.

The new process-free plate also offers excellent and stable image contrast for longer, even beyond 24 hours, when exposed to office light, thanks to ECO3’s unique and irreversible color-forming mechanism. The outstanding contrast provides a clear and distinct image, making visual inspection and recognition by punch and bending systems more efficient, while the longer stability saves on the time normally spent putting plates away in storage. The great contrast also helps operators mount plates correctly on the press, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

A key convenience factor that adds extra value for printers is the excellent scratch resistance. With a highly robust surface, the plate is better protected through its journey from box to CtP loader and onto the press. This makes handling easy and guarantees high print quality, every time. Printers will experience less costly downtime and plate remakes caused by fine scratches that are most often not detected until the press is running. The result is higher productivity, better quality, and less waste.

The triple synergy of ultra-convenience, excellent and stable contrast, and remarkable scratch resistance translates to a significant reduction in waste – across paper, ink, downtime, and labor involved. In addition to eliminating processing equipment and chemicals, Eclipse Pro reduces energy consumption and saves time on equipment maintenance and disposal costs. As such, Eclipse Pro actively contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact of print production.

“With the ultra-convenient Eclipse Pro plate, ECO3 is further cementing its position as a customer-focused provider of highly innovative and more sustainable prepress and printing solutions,” said Guy Desmet, Head of Marketing. “At ECO3, our key objective is to provide the right plate for the exact needs of our customers, and we do that by offering best-in-class solutions for all types of offset printing workflows. We always cooperate closely with our customers to find the optimal plate, whether it is low-chem, chem-free, or process-free technology.”

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