BlueCrest Unveils Enhancements to IntelliJet Advantage 2200 Print System

[Danbury, CT – March 24, 2024] BlueCrest, a global leader in automated parcel, postal, and print technology, proudly announces significant enhancements to its IntelliJet Advantage® 2200 Print System with HP Brilliant Ink. This collaboration with HP promises a printing solution that will transform transactional mail applications with cutting-edge features and improved benchmark performance.

New Enhancements for IntelliJet Advantage 2200

Introducing the New Print Mode — Performance Economy Color (EC): The latest addition to the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 is the Performance Economy Color (EC) print mode. This innovative feature empowers clients to achieve printing speeds of up to 800 feet per minute (fpm) in full color, offering a faster and more cost-effective printing alternative.

Productivity, Quality, and Economics: The IntelliJet Advantage 2200 excels in delivering the productivity that transactional clients demand, coupled with impactful color output and a low cost per page. This winning combination equips clients with a competitive edge in their respective markets, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and excellence.

Flexible Print Modes for Tailored Solutions: Clients now enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a range of print modes to meet their specific service level agreements (SLAs) or color-critical applications. Whether it's Quality, Performance, the new Performance Economy, or Performance HDK modes, clients can seamlessly switch between options, all from a single platform.

Ideal for Transactional Mail Applications: These enhancements are particularly advantageous for BlueCrest clients operating in transactional mail applications. The IntelliJet Advantage 2200 delivers optimal productivity and flexibility, enabling clients to meet their diverse printing needs with ease and efficiency.

MICR Ink Option for Enhanced Versatility: BlueCrest introduces a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) ink option, now commercially available on the same platform as the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 with HP Brilliant Ink. This feature enhances the versatility of the printing system, catering to a broader range of applications, including check printing and other specialized needs.

Built on HP PageWide Advantage 2200 Platform: The BlueCrest IntelliJet Advantage 2200 with HP Brilliant Ink is built on the reliable and high-performance HP PageWide Advantage 2200 platform. Clients can trust its rugged design, output consistency, and superior printing capabilities, which ensure seamless operations and exceptional results.

"Clients demand more than just a printing system. They seek transformative tools that empower their businesses. With our enhanced IntelliJet Advantage 2200 printing system, we're not just meeting those demands but exceeding them, revolutionizing transactional mail applications, and setting new standards for productivity, quality, and versatility," said Kevin Marks, vice president, global print solutions and strategy.

Stay at the forefront of innovation with BlueCrest's enhanced IntelliJet Advantage 2200 printing system, leading the way in redefining the experience for transactional mail applications. With the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 Print System with HP Brilliant Ink, clients can unlock unparalleled productivity, quality, and versatility, empowering their businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving market landscape.