Idealliance Awards G7® System Certification to Fujifilm Business Innovation’s Print Station for Revoria Flow

Idealliance is proud to announce that Fujifilm Business Innovation, based in Tokyo, Japan has achieved G7® System Certification for its Print Station v3.6 for Revoria Flow. Through Idealliance’s independent verification program of industry printing engines and digital front ends (DFEs), Idealliance has validated both leading print conformance to calibrate its print systems according to the G7 methodology, which delivers visual uniformity and consistency across print, while optimizing production efficiency and uptime in print production. 

The G7 System Certification Program evaluates a candidate’s system’s ability to calibrate a printing device using only four (CMYK) 1-D Curves, according to the G7 formula contained in ANSI CGATS TR015 and tolerances established by Idealliance and its Print Properties Committee (PPC). G7 Certified Systems are certified by Idealliance’s independent third-party laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology to meet or exceed established industry tolerances and can calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition.

Utilizing a G7-certified system ensures the ability to operate a consistent G7-managed workflow, which has been proven to expand efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and speed up the time to market of printed materials.

View this certification at to evaluate its capabilities along with the Application Data Sheet provided by Fujifilm Business Innovation and evaluated as part of System Certification to provide users and potential users thorough information on the system components and printing produce.

For more information on Idealliance System Certification programs, visit A full list of certified systems, independently verified by Idealliance as part of these programs, are also available to support leading print manufacturers and print buyers looking for the most capable print systems.