Elie Khoury to Introduce the Latest Alwan Color Developments at The Color Conference

Lyon, France – March 11, 2024 – Alwan Color Expertise, the color technology company founded by CEO Elie Khoury, will showcase its high-impact color management solutions at the Color Conference, a PRINTING United Technical Event taking place in Dallas, TX March 12-14.

Khoury will be available to demonstrate Alwan’s patented Hydra spectral profiling solution, powering Extended Color Gamut (ECG) reproduction of up to 90% of spot colors; the Alwan ColorHub server; a unique, state-of-the-art color management technology delivering huge ink savings with no compromise on print quality; and new Alwan ColorCloud, designed to make color management and process control available and affordable to all.

Where to Find Alwan at the Color Conference
Located in the Color Conference “Sponsor Resource Area”, the Alwan demo and discussion hub will be adjacent to one occupied by the Color Management Group, Alwan’s newly signed exclusive distributor in the U.S. and, like Alwan, a Color Conference sponsor.

Why Alwan
Color specialists in the Americas have been eager for Alwan to bring more color management options to western markets.

“In our experience, Alwan delivers an elite-level product for ECG that surpasses the expectations of the extended gamut market,” says Jason Tempestini, CTO at Rods and Cones, a founding member of the CMG.

Alwan has continuously provided the industry with up-to-date, bespoke color management and process control for all print and packaging production applications and environments. In 2024, Alwan is focused on new and faster features to support color management and process control for G7®, ISO, and increasingly, ECG customer environments.

Tempestini, who is presenting the Automated Color Management session at the Conference, says that the move to ECG requires a technology toolset that most providers don’t possess.

“Many manufacturers offer closed system solutions, but we think Alwan is the best choice to integrate with your current investments,” Tempestini says.


The Breakthrough: Hydra
Alwan Hydra profiling®: Alwan’s patented spectral prediction technology is profiling technology using the least number of patches, yet delivering the most accurate ICC profiles among all comparable products -- particularly for ECG applications.

The Savings: ColorHub Server
Alwan ColorHub server has been delivering the highest ink savings among all comparable products since its release at drupa 2004.

And One for All: Alwan ColorCloud
Alwan ColorCloud offers users free, as well as reasonably priced, subscription plans allowing them to calibrate, profile, predict and assess conformance of their proofs and prints. The unique benefit of Alwan ColorCloud resides in its wizard-based interface, which makes the user experience as enjoyable as it can be. Launching in conjunction with the Color Conference, Alwan ColorCloud is available at https://colorcloud.alwancolor.com.

To set up an appointment at the Color Conference:
Commercial, packaging and specialty printers and other interested parties can pre-arrange onsite appointments with Alwan by calling +1 408 218 9494.

Alwan Training with Elie Khoury, Hosted by the Color Management Group
Immediately following the Color Conference on Thursday at 3:00 pm central time, the Color Management Group is hosting an Alwan sales and technical update training session -- available remotely -- at the Renaissance Dallas Marriott. Elie Khoury will lead the session.

To attend onsite in Dallas, contact CMG at +1 408 218 9494.

To attend remotely:
Thu, Mar 14, 2024 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM central (4-8 pm eastern) https://meet.goto.com/735428005 Or dial in from the United States: +1 (224) 501-3412 Access Code: 735-428-005.

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