Konica Minolta Achieves Dual Certification for Its Accurio Press C7100 and C7090 through Digital Press & ISO/PAS 15339 Achievement from Idealliance

Idealliance is proud to announce that Konica Minolta Business Systems has achieved both Digital Press-Electrophotographic (toner) certification and ISO/PAS 15533-9 certification for its Konica Minolta AccurioPro Press C7100 and C7090 with EFI Fiery Controller IC‐318L.

Through Idealliance’s independent verification program of industry printing engines and digital front ends (DFEs), leading print conformance as part of the Digital Press System Certification program for production capabilities focused on throughput, print consistency, register, durability, and other print variables critical to leading industry print providers, as well as extensive color output capabilities as part of ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification has been established.

Extensive evaluation in 20+ criteria include not only color output, but also uniformity, within a press sheet (m-score), uniformity within a press run, and over an extended repeatability time frame, as well as minimum font size, color registry, gloss, and abrasion testing to ensure leading production capabilities from all digital presses.

ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification examines a system's capabilities to meet the color space requirements specified by the Characterized Reference Print Conditions (CRPCs) of ISO/PAS 15339 as an expanded compliance program to the Idealliance Digital Press Certification for digital printing press manufacturers.

The Accurio Press C7100 and C7090 with the 318L Fiery Controller allows users to reduce labor costs, cut turnaround times, and minimize errors and paper waste with the advanced job management and workflow automation across job layout, support of industry leading VPD formats, and short runs jobs while still maintaining profitably. Certification in these Idealliance programs validates these capabilities according to leading international standards developed by the industry through working groups such as Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee.

Image courtesy of Konica Minolta.

View this certification at www.idealliance.org to evaluate its capabilities along with the Application Data Sheet provided by Konica Minolta and evaluated as part of System Certification to provide users and potential users thorough information of the system components and printing produce.

For more information on Idealliance System Certification programs, visit www.idealliance.org/systems. A full list of certified systems, independently verified through third-party lab analysis by Idealliance as part of these programs, are also available to support leading print manufacturers and print buyers looking for the most capable print systems.