Fujifilm Achieves Digital Press System Certification from Idealliance for Revoria Presses with Fiery

Idealliance announces it has certified six unique FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s systems, including:

Revoria Press SC170 with Fiery SC12C
Revoria Press SC170 with Fiery SC11
Revoria Press SC180 with Fiery SC12C
Revoria Press SC180 with Fiery SC11
Revoria Press EC1100 with Fiery EC12
Revoria Press EC1100 with Fiery EC11

These digital print engines, and digital front end (DFE) systems have been certified by Idealliance as capable of output requirements specified in ISO 12647-8, ISO 15311, and ISO 15339, through its extensive independent, third-party verification.

The Idealliance certification signifies that these six (6) Revoria Press systems have been recognized by the graphic communications and print industry as a class-leading digital press. Materials printed using the Revoria Press SC170, Revoria Press SC180, and Revoria Press EC1100 with the Fiery Driven SC12C, Fiery SC11, Fiery EC12, and Fiery EC11 will achieve the absolute highest quality match across color fidelity. According to international standards, this will also be achieved in areas of color, print properties, and print production.

The Idealliance Digital Press Certification is given to the digital presses that meet or exceed established industry tolerances for excellence in the areas of Colorimetric Accuracy, Uniformity, Repeatability, Durability, and Registration. The certification program considers the entire press system, including the digital front-end, print engine, and paper.

Image courtesy of Fujifilm business innovation Corp.

Learn more about the Revoria Presses EC 1100, Revoria Press SC170, and Revoria Press SC180, and other certified Digital Presses here. Idealliance also maintains an Application Data Sheet (ADS) for all certified systems to support users with learning how these systems meet their requirements for accurate color representation and soft proofing in their creative, design, and print workflows.