Mastering Large Format Printing; TKO Graphix is a G7 Master Qualified Printer

In the fast-evolving world of printing technology, one distinction sets a premier large-format printer apart —– the coveted G7 Master Qualification from Idealliance. At TKO Graphix, the commitment to maintaining this esteemed status goes beyond industry recognition; it translates into unparalleled benefits for their valued customers.

G7® is Idealliance’s global industry-leading set of specifications for achieving visual similarity across calibrated printing equipment. As a G7 Master Qualified Facility, TKO Graphix adheres to the highest industry standards, providing a benchmark for color excellence that is recognized globally.


Setting the Standard in the Large Format Printing 

TKO Graphix is Proud to be a G7 Certified Master Printer

The journey to G7 Master Facility Qualification is no easy task. The TKO Graphix team underwent extensive training sessions, conducted by a G7 Expert well-versed in the intricacies of color management and calibration. These sessions covered a wide array of topics, including:
Understanding the fundamentals of G7 calibration and implementation.
Leveraging color metrics and measurement to achieve optimal print results.
Efficiently managing print processes to ensure consistency across different devices and substrates.
Identifying and correcting common print-related issues.

Precision in Every Print
Large-format printing demands meticulous attention to detail, especially when creating visually striking graphics for fleets, events, or retail spaces. Our G7 Master Qualification means that each print, regardless of size, maintains consistent color profiles. This precision guarantees that your brand’s colors remain vivid and true.

Establishing A Foundation of Confidence
The G7 Master Qualification helps to establish confidence in TKO Graphix as a print provider. By adhering to this standardized color process, we ensure that our client’s vision aligns seamlessly with the end product we produce.

Time and Cost Efficiency
Color consistency isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about efficiency. With G7 Master Qualification, TKO Graphix streamlines large format printing process, reducing the need for multiple proofs and adjustments. This not only saves valuable time, but also cuts down on unnecessary costs, providing print buyers with a more cost-effective solution for your large- format printing needs.

Future -Ready Large Format Printing
For TKO Graphix, your brand image is everything, and the G7 Master Qualification helps them achieve the best quality printing for you each time. As a forward-thinking printing facility, staying at the forefront of color management technology ensures that their clients benefit from the latest advancements, guaranteeing large- format printing projects are consistently accurate.

TKO Graphix’s commitment to G7 Master Qualification is not just a badge of honor; it’s a promise to their clients. By choosing TKO Graphix, you’re not only selecting a large- format printer; you’re opting for a partner dedicated to excellence, precision, and the vibrant printing of your brand’s visual identity.

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About TKO Graphix
TKO Graphix is a national fleet graphics company helping customers since 1985. We provide full-service solutions for fleet branding including graphic design, digital printing, screen printing, graphics installation, and removal of large- format graphics.

We’ve been helping businesses, large and small, brand their fleet of tractor-trailers, service trucks, and company vehicles for more than 38 years. Whether you have a fleet of thousands or a few vehicles, we are here to lead you through the fleet branding process.

As a result of their high standards in quality products and production, TKO Graphix is also proud to be certified by 3M™ and able to offer the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, the gold standard in graphics warranties. This warranty demonstrates our commitment to excellence and gives customers a greater peace of mind.

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