We are Golden: TVF Celebrates 50 Years in Fabric

CARMEL, IND. (JANUARY 8, 2024) – TVF, a leading textile supplier, is entering its 50th year in business. Co-founded and incorporated in Carmel, Indiana in 1974 by Dick Hanzel and Dick Leventhal as Top Value Fabrics, TVF has evolved over five decades from a few rolls of fabric on a garage folding table into a comprehensive fabric partner, a center of expertise with global connections, and a coast-to-coast logistical authority.

“In our 50-year journey, TVF’s rise has been nothing short of remarkable. We’re on a path of continued growth, excellence, and unbeatable service,” says TVF President Tad Calahan. “From humble beginnings, our dedicated team, customers, vendors, and partners have propelled us to being a leader within our industry. Looking ahead with our amazing team of employee owners, we are committed to pursuing our vision of helping our customers and our team reach their full potential.”

Throughout the year, TVF will be honoring the Golden Anniversary with celebrations, including an in-person gathering of all employees this summer, special recognition posts on social media and online, and themed events that pay tribute to employee and customers past and present.

“I’m incredibly excited to be celebrating TVF’s 50th anniversary along with its amazing team and valued customers,” Empowered Ventures President and CEO Chris Fredericks says. “TVF’s journey from privately-owned small business to an ESOP success story, and now to being the foundation for a growing employee-owned holding company, is nothing short of amazing! I’m grateful to TVF’s employee owners, and everyone who has worked for TVF in the past, for building and growing such a great business and workplace.”

You can connect to an interactive timeline on our website that highlights some of the most significant moments since our official founding on October 10, 1974. Some key dates include:

1986: Spurred by growth, the company headquarters was located to 401 W. Carmel Drive in Carmel, Indiana, where it remains today.
1987: Our West Coast operations launch and current Vice President of Business Development Robert Hinsch came aboard to develop a sales and distribution to expand our reach across the west coast.
1993: TVF established our office and warehouse facility in Carson, California, where we remain today.
1996-1997: Our offerings expand into apparel products.
2002: Our vinyl offerings greatly expand with the addition of vinyl coated and vinyl laminated polyester.
2006: TVF adds a print media line of fabrics.
2010: TVF co-founder Dick Hanzel agrees to sell 100% of the business to a newly-formed employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) created by Chris Fredericks, who would be named TVF president.
2017: TVF acquires California-based Pacific Coast Fabrics, increasing our home décor and print media depth.
2020: Following an extensive research process, Top Value Fabrics is rebranded as TVF with the tagline “Fabric. Expertise. Delivered.”
2021: Empowered Ventures, TVF’s 100% employee-owned holding company is launched following TVF’s successful ESOP transition.
2022: Using expert insight, a comprehensively refreshed TVFinc.com is launched to deliver a more hands-on feel and showcase our full spectrum of products and industry knowledge.
2023: Tad Calahan is named president of TVF. He succeeds Chris Fredericks, who turned his full attention to leading Empowered Ventures.

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