US Packaging & Wrapping joins PRINTING United Alliance

[Austin, Arkansas, January 8th, 2024] – US Packaging & Wrapping has announced it has joined PRINTING United Alliance, the most comprehensive member-based printing and graphic arts association in North America.

US Packaging & Wrapping is a customer-driven, full-service packaging supply company headquartered in Central Arkansas. With a presence on the east and west coasts, the company specializes in providing efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions to businesses across various industries.

The collaboration with PRINTING United Alliance is strategically aligned to cater to the pressing need for automation solutions in the wake of labor shortages. Many commercial printers are increasingly interested in optimizing end-of-line automation. They seek efficient solutions that streamline the process after the print job is completed, expediting the preparation of items for rapid transport.

By joining the alliance, US Packaging & Wrapping and PRINTING United Alliance seek to pioneer advanced end-of-line automation that enables commercial printers to efficiently prepare printed materials for transport and storage, alleviating the pressure caused by limited hiring pools.

In particular, US Packaging & Wrapping’s automatic shrink wrap machines enable rapid high-volume packaging. Capable of packaging up to 30 products per minute or more than 20,000 products per day, investing in comprehensive automation solutions is crucial for empowering commercial printers, and ensuring rapid and precise preparation of printed materials for transport, regardless of workforce limitations.

Charles Haverfield, CEO of US Packaging & Wrapping, said: “We’re thrilled to be joining PRINTING United Alliance and supporting the wider commercial printing industry. This new partnership with PRINTING United Alliance underscores our commitment to providing packaging solutions and excellence within the commercial printing landscape. Together, we aim to lead the charge in facilitating the adoption of automation technologies that address challenges faced by commercial printers.”

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