Asahi Kasei Shares Technology Expertise at Two Leading Asian Flexographic Houses

Shanghai Hengze Printing Company invited attendees to a seminar on CrystalCleanConnect, while TungYi, one of the largest repro houses in Taiwan entertained visitors interested in its use of Asahi AFP flexographic plates. 

Tokyo, Japan & Brussels, Belgium, December 18, 2023. Asahi Kasei Corporation, and its subsidiary Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, today reported it hosted two important events in Asia during the month of December, one in Shanghai and one in Taiwan. The purpose of these events was to present customer successes in using Asahi flexographic platemaking solutions. 

Shanghai Hengze Printing Company Explained the Value of CrystalCleanConnect 

Mr. Li Xiaocheng, founder and CEO of Hengze, invited peers to tour his plant in conjunction with Labelexpo Asia 2023. This label manufacturer is the first company’s to install CrystalCleanConnectin China, an end-to-end automated flexographic platemaking solution co-developed by Asahi, ESKO and Kongsberg. CrystalCleanConnect reduces flexo platemaking from 12 steps to one, reducing potential for error and improving overall quality.  

The company had already adopted Asahi AWP™-DEF water-washable plates to boost quality and improve its competitive positioning. The addition of the CrystalCleanConnect line, and a switch to Asahi AWP™-DEW water-washable plates that are optimized for use with CrystalCleanConnect, took the company’s productivity, efficiency and sustainability to the next level. Hengze installed CrystalCleanConnect in 2022. 

During the event, which was attended by almost 30 companies, visitors were able to see CrystalCleanConnect in action as well as experience presentations by Asahi, Esko and Kongsberg for a deep dive into its benefits. In addition, representives from AVT explained how their inspection solution for label manufacturing boosts quality by detecting any faulty output during the printing process. 

Tung Yi Technical Seminar Discussing Printing on Flexible Packaging 

Tung Yi Color Reproduction Company, one of the largest repro houses in Taiwan, invited printers, repro houses and suppliers using gravure, offset and flexography to a seminar to learn about the latest technologies for printing on flexible packaging as well as how to make their operations more sustainable. 45 companies, represented by more than 120 people were in attendance at the event which was held at the GIS Taichung Wenxin Conference Center on Dec 15th and heard educational presentations from a variety of customers and suppliers, including: 

• Esko products line-up and sustainability of Crystal system by Bao Wei 

• AsahiKasei, offering a Solvent ZERO presentation by Yuji Suzuki, Technical Support Professional; 

• Integration of Gravure, Offset and Flexo, printing machine supplier LinkLabel; 

• G7 application adjustment, Idealliance; 

• Current regulation of GMP Frimpeks; 

• Key pont of transition to Fleso from Gravure, Printer Chi Meng Industry Co,Ltd; 

• Narrow Printing machine, suppplier MPS 

• Asahi Taiwanese distributor Tong Feng supported this event as well. 

“These types of open house events are important as we work to educate the Asian market on the latest technologies and help them improve their sustainability position,” Suzuki said. “We appreciate Hengze and Tung Yi making their faciities and their staff available for these events, and thank them for their hospitality. We look forward to being able to do more of these types of events in 2024.” 

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