STANDARDS UPDATE: ISO 24487: 2023 Published — Processless lithographic plates evaluation methods for characteristics and performance

As a member of the International Standards Organization Technical Committee (TC) 130, in its role as a Liaison A to ISO, Idealliance and PRINTING United Alliance serve its members and the industry supporting our industry driving innovation, best practices and standards for optimal print, and packaging and graphic communications production. Recently TC130 published an update to ISO 24487 for 2023. Graphic technology — Processless lithographic plates — Evaluation methods for characteristics and performance covers a simple way to prepare plates in prepress. Processless plates eliminate the need for a plate processor and chemistry, energy, water, and waste from plate preparation as once the plate has been imaged, it is mounted directly on the press where the plate coating is removed, and the plate is developed with press start-up and make ready. The newest version of ISO 24487 serves to specify evaluation methods for lithographic plate characteristics, press development performance, usability, and print image quality. Certain methods of evaluation are also practical for standard litho plates.

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The main changes to the new ISO 22847:2023 include an expanded scope to contain evaluation points both specific to processless indicator and those common to the conventional plates, including:

  • scratch resistance
  • image visibility
  • run length 

Updated recommendations for plate evaluation and process control are included with this new specification. Similar to G7 test forms and test forms required for Idealliance system certification, an image visibility test form is now recommended to provide a thorough evaluation of minimum text size and tonal contrast. (G7 Experts – download the G7 test forms here.)

As in the past, printing aims and nonimage area for paper white are specified to tolerances of ISO 12647-2. The next version of ISO 12647-2 is also in draft, including the G7® near-neutral specification for optimal print consistency and visual similarity. 

Visit the International Standards Organization or your local national standards organization to get your copy of the new ISO 24487:2023. 

Image courtesy of ISO.

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