Meyers’ Adam Peek Attends the UN’s COP28 to Advocate for Climate-Conscious Manufacturing and Sustainable Packaging

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. November 30, 2023 – Meyers, an industry leader in sustainable packaging, proudly announces the participation of its esteemed team member, Mr. Adam Peek, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, held in Dubai.

Adam Peek, an influential figure in the printing industry and an advocate for sustainable practices, has been selected to represent Meyers at COP28. The conference, known for bringing together global leaders, policymakers, and experts to address pressing environmental issues, aligns seamlessly with Meyers’ commitment to eco-friendly and responsible business practices.

“We are thrilled to have Adam Peek represent Meyers at COP28,” said Michael Dillon, Chief Revenue Officer, Meyers. “His dedication to sustainability and passion for driving positive change in the printing industry make him a natural fit to participate in this global forum. Meyers has always been at the forefront of environmental stewardship, and we are confident that Adam’s insights will contribute to meaningful discussions on how businesses can play a crucial role in addressing climate challenges.”

At COP28, Mr. Peek will engage with international leaders and experts to share Meyers experiences and successes in adopting sustainable printing methods. His participation underscores Meyers commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, promoting responsible business practices, and contributing to the global dialogue on climate change mitigation.

Meyers has consistently demonstrated its dedication to environmental responsibility through initiatives such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, PrintReleaf, and by joining the Climate Pledge. Adam Peek’s attendance at COP28 is a testament to the company’s ongoing efforts to be a leader in sustainable printing solutions and to inspire positive change within the industry.

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