A Collaboration for the Future of Mail

A Closer Look at MTAC and its Partnership with PRINTING United Alliance

The U.S. Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) was established on February 26, 1962, by John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, via Executive Order 11007- Prescribing Regulations for the Formation and Use of Advisory Committees.

According to its Charter, MTAC is a venue for the United States Postal Service (USPS) to share technical information with mailers, and to receive their advice and recommendations on matters concerning mail-related products and services. Their purpose is to enhance customer value and expand the use of these products and services for the mutual benefit of mailing industry stakeholders and the Postal Service.

MTAC has three focus areas: Entry, Payment, & Product; Network Operations; and Data, Technology, and Addressing. In addition to these focus areas, MTAC conducts activities through User Groups, Work Groups, and Task Teams.

Through close collaboration, MTAC and USPS have been instrumental in helping make mail processes and programs work better. MTAC Postal Chair, Steve Monteith, says “The technical collaboration that MTAC provides has allowed the Postal Service to keep current with mailing industry trends. The partnership continues to be seen by both postal and industry as a valuable and strategic channel for growth.”

Another valuable partnership is the one between PRINTING United Alliance, the most comprehensive printing and graphic arts trade association in North America, and MTAC.  

MTAC Appoints Alliance Delegates as Association Representatives

Earlier this year, given the longstanding partnership and collaboration between the two organizations, the Alliance’s Vice President of Business Development, Jack Noonan received approval from MTAC’s executive committee to serve as the association executive representing the association.

Noonan emphasizes that this partnership will continue to help the Alliance grow as a company. “The Alliance is comprised of experts and leaders in the media world of printing, but now we’re dealing with data in a big way, i.e. government, banks, insurance and healthcare companies. These are the primary participants from a user perspective on the MTAC committee, because they have billions of dollars in payments, billing and invoices, account statements, and revenue stream relationships that they’re trying to connect with.”

He adds that this partnership allows the Alliance to work with other trade associations in the same manner, which will greatly strengthen, reinforce, amplify, and assist our mission to generate and foster a healthy economy and industry in the future. This translates to jobs and opportunities for Alliance members and a wider audience through the industry at large.

On July 12, 2023, the executive committee of the Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) approved the following industry leaders to serve as Association Representatives on MTAC:

  • Nelson Penalver, Executive Director, National Sales, Postal Center International (PCI)
  • Truman Pope, Director, Planning & Procurement, American Litho
  • Andy Schipke, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, W+D North America, Inc.

PRINTING United Alliance CEO Ford Bowers says that the Alliance “is proud to be represented by such a strong team of industry experts dedicated to advancing the power and value of mail and supports the vast network of mailing industry professionals who work collectively with postal leadership to help achieve this goal.”

MTAC’s Work to Support the Industry

Noonan helps to describe the primary function of MTAC being that as a function of support. “Over 60 different agencies are involved, and while the committee groups are focused primarily on mail, USPS and MTAC are vested in developing delivery and logistics. This is the roads, bridges, and aqueducts or airports of the postal industry, and to some degree every country on earth is going to have the same model, and many have modeled their national postal systems on the U.S."

“That’s the purpose of MTAC…to help the postal service get better, stronger, smarter, faster, and more cost effective,” says Noonan.

MTAC Association Representative Truman Pope has been in production his whole life and is hoping that through his service on MTAC he can ensure the industry lives on well after he retires.

“MTAC gives us a voice…if we didn’t provide any input, it could cost the mailing industry tens of millions of dollars trying to revamp our equipment every time they [USPS] propose something new,” says Pope. “We’re teammates with the postal service. Everything that USPS does directly affects what we do.”

"MTAC is committed to elevating the mailing industry and enhancing customer value, as Pope states, "We provide firsthand knowledge of how any proposed changes will impact us, making sure our industry has some leeway before they [USPS] implement any changes.” 

According to Pope, “My standpoint on the MTAC is that by aligning with other printer associations and likeminded stakeholders, we have a strong voice to ensure the Postmaster General and USPS understands that this is an industry that’s alive and well and one with tremendous value.”

MTAC: A Success Story

MTAC is committed to the common goal of keeping the mailing industry innovative, relevant, and strong, well into the future.

“It’s [U.S. Postal Service] connecting every business and home in the country six days a week…It is without question, out of any other major government agency or department, known as a landmark success story of private business, private industry and government working together,” says Noonan. “MTAC is a success story for the American government and for businesses, because it really is collaborative teamwork.”

The newly appointed Association Representatives look forward to their second quarterly MTAC meeting from October 17-19, 2023, at the Postal Service’s national headquarters in Washington, D.C.  

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In this article, Carly O’Neill, Communications Coordinator, PRINTING United Alliance, discusses the Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). More information about MTAC can be found at USPS-MTAC or reach out to Carly directly if you have questions about how these issues may affect your business: coneill@printing.org.

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Carly O'Neill Communications Coordinator PRINTING United Alliance