Nobelus® Introduces New Embossing Thermal Laminator

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – Nobelus, a leading supplier of thermal laminating systems, thermal laminates, and unsupported films, is adding a new Komfi® laminator to its equipment lineup. The Amiga 52 Emboss is a production laminator that combines the high-quality performance of Komfi systems with the ability to perform in-line embossing on demand. Standard embossing patterns include leather, linen, and SHR™ (short for silver halide replacement). The SHR pattern enables photofinishers to give digitally printed photographs the look and feel of traditional silver halide prints at a fraction of the cost.

"The Amiga 52 Emboss is another exciting model added to the reliable and robust Komfi Amiga 52 family of laminators," says Dawn Hudock, Equipment Product Manager at Nobelus. "This highly flexible system also allows for embossing to be easily turned off, enabling the system to be used for simple single-sided lamination as needed."

Like other thermal laminators in the Amiga 52 series, the Amiga 52 Emboss boasts a range of automated features, such as nip pressure activation, bursting sheet separation, and sheet-overlap control. Its accessible control panel enables operators to pre-program settings for similar runs to reduce setup and maximize efficiency. To ensure each finished sheet is laminated properly, this unit includes mis-feeding and temperature-drop detection features.

The Amiga 52 Emboss can be used to laminate and emboss a variety of applications, from digital photos and book covers to business cards and brochures. "Owners of this machine can even create custom emboss patterns to help provide brands with a unique identity," shares Hudock. It is compatible with BOPP laminates as well as thin PET and nylon films. Optional features include a Sleeking® module for variable-data foiling, an automatic stacker or jogging table, and additional on-roll film perforators and slitters.

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