Komori America Sees Significant Growth in Packaging Sector

Komori’s firm focus on meeting the needs of  packaging printers is validated by having more than 50% of press installations during the last fiscal year firmly rooted in the packaging sector, which is a 15% increase over the previous year. Statistics show the United States is one of the fastest-growing packaging markets in North America, valued at USD 184.65 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 218.12 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 2.94% between 2022 and 2027. Anticipating this market trend, Komori introduced the advance series presses in 2021 to respond to the need for enhanced productivity, speed to market and the flexibility required to succeed in the burgeoning packaging market.

“At a time when the print industry is experiencing many changes, packaging has emerged as an attractive, stable market. Komori has been successfully growing this segment with presses that offer the most sought-after automation platform and key design features for both packaging and commercial print applications,” says Lance Martin, VP of marketing, Komori America. “The G/GX/GXRP advance presses are designed specifically to deliver the productivity needed to compete in one of the fastest growing and profitable print markets. We are honored that notable companies, such as The Ellis Group, CastlePierce, Mainline Printing, Pulver Packaging, Wallace Carlson Printing, Nosco and a host of other prominent players in the packaging space, have looked to Komori to support their present and future growth.”

The Komori presses installed to support packaging applications included all three models of the advance series: the Lithrone G40, GX40 and GX40RP. The current and new Komori customers who chose to invest in the G40 advance reported they did so with an eye on entering or expanding their footprint in the packaging market. The G40 advance is designed to deliver high productivity and print quality that supports current commercial print business while providing the capabilities to meet new packaging applications, such as the ability to print on heavier stocks, making it possible to effectively serve both markets.

Experienced packaging printers producing products for a wide range of industries invested in the GX40 advance or the GX40RP advance. Among other feature differences, the “X” in the model name indicates the press is capable of printing on a larger 29x41” sheet size and much heavier stocks, well-suited to the demands of the packaging market.

The GX40RP advance, a recipient of the distinguished InterTech Technology Award, is a dedicated two-sided press with many inherent advantages over traditional convertible perfecting presses. The most prominent of the many advantages is the lack of a tail gripper, saving precious paper every impression, and elimination of the need to flip the sheet to print on both sides, eliminating registration issues and a host of other sheet handling challenges. The RP method of two-sided printing is a key feature that increases productivity and is uniquely offered by Komori. 

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