EFI and RISO Introduce Advanced Fiery Server for ComColor GL Series of Inkjet Printers

Continuing their partnership to bring ease of use, productivity and profitability to producers of transactional and direct marketing applications, Electronics For Imaging and RISO have worked to bring RISO’s latest entry to the A3-format inkjet printing market, the ComColor GL, a printer series that also offers users the power of the EFI Fiery Workflow Suite combined with the industry’s fastest, most productive digital front end (DFE) print server technology. The new Fiery ComColor Express FS2100C server benefits from the processing power of the Fiery NX One platform, and recently launched FS500 Pro software, to perform fast processing of complex and personalized PDFs to deliver accurate prints 26% faster than its predecessor.

“Our goal continues to be to offer accurate, high productivity inkjet printing to our customers, and our partnership with EFI is critical to achieving that goal in transpromo and other document production applications,” says Andre D’Urbano, executive director, RISO Inc. “Our customers’ ability to add color in traditionally monochrome applications, with higher color quality using Fiery technology, helps users increase their margins providing more-valuable work at minimal cost.”

“Transactional and direct marketing print businesses thrive by delivering large volumes of low-cost variable data output,” says John Henze, VP of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “This new, higher-productivity Fiery DFE offers intelligent automation, preflight tools, and integrated color management that help ensure print businesses are able to produce documents correctly the first time, every time, at the lowest cost, and without requiring extensive user training.”

Industry-leading management and prep tools

In addition to faster processing speeds that help print operations generate more print in less time, the new Fiery DFE includes a wide array of useful workflow tools that improve productivity further, including pre-installed Fiery Preflight and Fiery JobFlow Base software that automate the production of ready-to-print files. In a tight labor market, the new DFE gives print shop owners the advantage of more accurate production and less waste, even with newer, less skilled operators.

The new DFE also includes EFI Fiery’s most advanced security features for secure file erase, data encryption and network protection tools. Additional, powerful Fiery Workflow Suite features on the ComColor Express FS2100C include:
•      Integration with offline slitter/cutter/creaser equipment that save up to 70% in setup time; 
•      Automatic application of correct job properties using Fiery JobExpert, which chooses the right color and imaging settings for each job;
•      Fiery Preflight software for identification of errors such as missing spot colors, low-resolution images and more;
•      Adobe PDF Print Engine support for preview and print consistency, even in transparencies and drop shadows, with direct PDF RIPing without conversion to PostScript;
•      Fiery FreeForm Create, a variable-data composition tool that removes much of the prepress labor of personalization; and
•      Improved productivity with Fiery Essential Driver, a simple, intuitive way to print documents with just a few clicks.
Fiery Command WorkStation, the industry’s most widely used digital printing job management interface, gives users the advantage of highly streamlined and efficient control capabilities for all Fiery Driven printers in their fleets.

A Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package available for the ComColor Express FS2100C helps to identify and correct print production problems with features like Fiery ImageViewer for accurate soft proofs, Fiery Preflight Pro to ensure compliance with industry standards, Fiery Spot Pro for spot color management, and Fiery PostFlight to quickly and accurately diagnose problematic elements. Users can also choose to add Fiery JobMaster-Impose PDF-based make-ready software, a fast and easy way to accurately assemble and impose print jobs of all types that minimizes manual collation and automates finishing stages.

The Fiery ComColor Express FS2100C is immediately available from RISO and its authorized resellers. 

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