New Vastex EconoRed VI Series Dryers Cure up to 2,700 Garments per Hour

New EconoRed Series VI conveyor dryers in 30", 54", and 78" (76, 137 and 198 cm) widths are equipped with six infrared heaters in a single chamber for high-volume curing of plastisols, water-based inks, discharge and DTF adhesives, as announced by Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex International.

"This addition to the EconoRed series offers greater power and high production speeds for screen printers and DTF printers, and the flexibility to print on oversized garments or flat goods," explains Vasilantone.

The ER-VI-30 dryer, with 15,600 watts of power and a 30 in. (76 cm) wide belt, cures up to 900 garments/h printed with plastisol ink at 25 seconds dwell time, and up to 300 garments/h printed with water-based inks or discharge at 70 seconds dwell time. 

Model ER-VI-54, with 31,200 watts of power and a 54 in. (137 cm) wide belt can accommodate two rows of garments, curing up to 1,800 garments/h printed with plastisol ink at 25 seconds dwell time, and up to 600 garments/hr printed with water-based inks or discharge at 70 seconds dwell time. 

With 46,800 watts of power and a 78" (198 cm) wide belt, Model ER-VI-78, can cure up to 2,700 plastisol-printed garments/h placed in three rows, and up to 900 garments/h printed with water-based inks or discharge.
Each EconoRed VI dryer model can also cure DTF adhesives at correspondingly high rates.

The modular design permits users to readily add one or multiple, independently-controlled heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt, increasing capacity in direct proportion to each heating chamber added. Conveyor extensions can also be added to the infeed or discharge end of the dryer to optimize loading and cooling/unloading of garments.
Heaters come with a 15-year warranty and are height adjustable to accommodate flat or bulky items. Closely spaced coils provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing.

A focused exhaust system evacuates moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, and cools the enclosure's outer skin and control panel.

The 13.25 ft. (404 cm) long conveyor runs true by means of a low friction belt aligner patented by the company, with belt speed controls allowing infinitely adjustable dwell times from one to five minutes. 

Optional accessories include front and rear belt extensions, a Conveyor Air Bar to speed the cooling and folding of printed garments and handling of hard goods as they exit the dryer’s heating chamber, and an exhaust hood that can be mounted to the rear of the chamber or on the conveyor bed to exhaust fumes of adhesives, inks and other coatings that continue to off-gas after exiting the dryer.

The company also produces tabletop and mid- to high-capacity dryers for DTG, screen-printing and DTF applications, as well as commercial-grade and entry-level manual screen printing presses, flash cure units, screen exposing units, screen drying cabinets, washout booths and complete screen printing shop systems, and offers a comprehensive range of training classes for entry level, intermediate and advanced screen printers.

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