Lessebo Paper Launches Lessebo Colours to Grow in Luxury Packaging

Lessebo Paper is launching Lessebo Colours to meet the expanding demand for high-quality colored papers in the luxury packaging market. Lessebo Paper, located in the forests in the south of Sweden, has been producing high-quality paper since 1693 and is one of Sweden's oldest paper manufacturers.

Lessebo Paper gains market shares in the paper industry 

Lessebo Colours is a new series of environmentally friendly colored paper. The palette is carefully curated and consists of 48 unique, trending nuances — ranging from elegant green hues to energetic yellow tints. 

Expanding its range of colored paper with this new series is Lessebo’s way to grow in the luxury packaging segment. Jens Olson, CEO of Lessebo Paper, sees a great demand in the market for the company's exclusive paper to create unique packaging. 

”The paper industry is showing healthy growth, especially in the luxury packaging market. Much of the paper in luxury packaging is made of colored paper. We are therefore launching our new range of Lessebo Colours to meet the expanding demand for sustainable colored paper in the market,” says Olson. 

Currently, Lessebo Paper delivers customized packaging solutions to many internationally well-known premium brands, such as Orrefors and Kosta Boda. 

High-quality paper is the key to success

Olson believes that the company’s ongoing focus on high-quality, environmentally friendly paper products contributes to many end-customers and brand owners choosing Lessebo Paper’s products for their luxury packaging applications.

”Today's luxury brand owners pay careful attention to customer experience, and the packaging is of primary importance as it reflects the brand. This has become more relevant throughout recent years as e-commerce expands and becomes more prominent,” says Olson.

The Big Rollout

The launch of Lessebo Colours is presented in The Big Rollout, a concept that Lessebo Paper has created in cooperation with the Swedish branding agency F&B Happy. F&B Happy is a highly regarded branding agency and part of the creative collective “Forsman & Bodenfors.”

“The big paper reels are super impressive. For this launch, we placed and rolled them out in the beautiful nature around the mill. By doing this, we wanted to demonstrate Lessebo Paper’s environmental focus in a frank, but playful manner. The new nuances create a colorful contrast against the muted palette of nature,” says Lisa Careborg, creative director at F&B Happy.