Formax Introduces the FlashCard XL Large-Format Card Cutter

Formax introduces the FlashCard XL, a large-format cutter engineered for precision, quality, and ease of operation that brings on-demand card cutting to the next level at an amazing, industry leading price and value. The FlashCard XL replaces the discontinued FD 125 Card Cutter.

Drawing on Formax’s 35-plus years of experience, R&D, and engineering of the original FlashCard cutter, the new FlashCard XL was created for higher volume on-demand production in print shops, small businesses, colleges, universities, and beyond.

The Flashcard XL delivers fast, accurate cuts every time, at speeds of up to 230 business cards per minute. The heavy duty cutting cassettes and friction feed system give it the power to cut through paper weights of up to 350 gsm and up to 19 inches long without hesitation, even coated and laminated sheets.

Setup and operation is quick and easy, using the LCD control panel, a variety of pre-programmed job settings, and an automatic friction feed system.

The FlashCard XL is pre-programmed with 6 jobs to process 12x18” and 13x19” printed sheets, and can be programmed with up to 10 custom jobs. Its precision cutting blades are self-sharpening and accurate up to 0.1mm. Users can further enhance accuracy with the built-in registration mark reader.

Three heavy-duty quick-change cutting cassettes are available and can be changed in seconds, without the need for tools. A 3.5” cutting cassette is included with the machine to produce 24-up 2x3.5” business cards. Interchangeable 11” and 5” cassettes are also available, to produce 5x7” cards, 8.5x11” full-bleed brochures, 11x17” menus, and more.
An optional cabinet with heavy duty waste bin is ideal for users with higher volume, and features casters for easy movement and storage.

The FlashCard XL is a durable, economical solution for print shops, small businesses, and colleges or universities looking for user-friendly on-demand print finishing.