Lessebo Paper Is Now a Member of Paper Profile

Lessebo Paper is now a member of Paper Profile, a product declaration format that was developed by leading European pulp, paper, and paperboard manufacturers in cooperation with distributors and industry associations. It uses a standard format for product declarations and commonly agreed calculation rules to give essential information regarding composition, key environmental parameters, environmental management, and wood procurement for individual products. 

The pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturers who participate in Paper Profile are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their activities. The membership at Paper Profile therefore reinforces Lessebo Paper’s commitment to reducing the mills negative environmental impact. The companies efforts have already started to pay back: In 2021, Lessebo Paper received Cradle to Cradle Certificate at Gold level for its white paper ranges. It is the first paper mill world-wide to receive a certificate at Gold level. 

In August 2022, Lessebo Paper stated that they halted production due to high electricity cost. However, the mill only stood still for two days and has been running again since Sept. 2, due to the slightly lower electricity price. “The Lessebo Paper mill is at full speed, and we are proud to be part of the Paper Profile community, working together with other paper manufacturers in minimizing the environmental impact,” says Jens Olson, CEO at Lessebo Paper. “We are now looking forward to launching our new paper range, coming end of November.”

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