Condé Now Offering SISER's New EasyColor DTV Heat Applied Vinyl

Condé Systems has partnered with SISER North America to offer SISER's new EasyColor DTV Heat Applied Vinyl. Designed to be compatible with standard desktop inkjet printers, EasyColor DTV provides excellent print quality with vibrant colors and a matte finish. EasyColor DTV can be cut using a wide variety of craft cutters and can be applied to cotton, polyester, and other blend fabric materials. Condé will offer EasyColor DTV in 8.4x11" size and in convenient 10-sheet, 25-sheet, and 50-sheet packs. SISER EasyMask TTD is required for heat application of cut pieces to fabric.  

"What impresses me is that EasyColor DTV is lightweight enough for stretch fabrics, but is opaque enough to achieve true color quality on any color fabric," said Douglas DeWitt, Product Manager at Conde Systems. "SISER has made it possible for anyone to create decorated garments with EasyColor DTV because the process is really easy. You just print, cut, mask, and heat."

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