Racami Launches SaaS Alchem-e Proof, Accelerating Production Jobs at PRINTING United Expo

Racami, the market leader in hybrid business communications, announced the launch of its newest cloud product Alchem-e Proof, a secure content proofing system designed to support two types of proofing or reviewing processes. It is for people that create content like documents, signs, billboards, website banner ads, postcards, and many other items, who face inefficiencies in collaborating and working toward approvals from content owners. These teams of designers and their customers from other departments or outside the company benefit from software that promotes a better process.

The second place where proofing software is useful is in operations where customers approve production runs before they begin. In the printing and mailing industry, it is common to review jobs for accuracy before printing and distributing large quantities of the finished product. Companies doing this kind of work require high levels of security and quality control. Errors can be costly with large production runs and this review and release step provided by Alchem-e Proof is critical to avoid making mistakes.

Alchem-e Proof empowers marketing and production teams with the right tools to overcome complex proofing challenges within teams of all sizes; to share and collect the right feedback and keep projects moving along. “We noticed the market is missing a proofing system that handles both high volume variable data jobs and creative content proofing with the security needed in today’s environment. We reinvented the review and approval workflow process to satisfy creator and reviewer needs and get work out the door faster,” explains Racami’s EVP, Matt Mahoney.

Within the Alchem-e Proof system, users annotate, compare versions side-by-side on the screen, utilize markup tools to quickly communicate changes, mention other reviewers to get specific feedback, track version history, automatically send reminders, review recent activity, recent files and proof summary at a glance, and so much more. Alchem-e Proof reduces the confusion and back and forth that can frustrate people and hold up projects.

On top of that, Alchem-e Proof makes achieving transactional document and marketing compliance on production and creative work simple. “We set out to solve the shortcomings of the variety of tools out there, so our customers could finish tasks faster, lower their software licensing costs, and trust in the security of their proofing system.” states Hani Khalaf, Racami’s President and CTO.

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