Inkcups to Showcase Top-of-the-Line Machines at PRINTING United 2022

Global printing industry leader Inkcups will showcase a selection of direct to object printing machines featuring a new addition, as well as improvements to the Helix systems at PRINTING United Expo 2022, the largest printing technology trade show in North America. The show will be held from October 19-21 at the North and Central Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. Inkcups will be exhibiting at booth C9939.  

The Inkcups booth will feature the Helix digital cylinder printer with artwork preparation software ArtPrep; the Double Helix with an automation system; the X5-T digital flatbed printer; the B100, B150, and the ICN-200 pad printers; and the CobaltONE laser etching machine.  

Printing on Tritan bottles at the show, the Helix is designed to print superior quality full-color (CMYKWW and varnish) images on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. This cylindrical printer is an ideal balance between speed and image quality due to its patented Helix software, which places 7-picoliter drops of ink precisely along the vessel at high speed. The Helix also minimizes set up time with an advanced quick-change tooling fixture that easily adjusts for straight or tapered parts as well as a programmable tilt which stores the exact specifications for each cylinder position.  Partnered with ArtPrep, the Helix can handle large quantities of artwork for daily production. ArtPrep greatly reduces time and labor associated with traditional manual preparation methods, giving users a  convenient and streamlined approach to preparing artwork for print.  

The Double Helix is a UV cylindrical printer featuring two print fixtures for double the printing volume that can simultaneously print  full-color graphics . With a printable area of 8.6" in height, the Double Helix can print on items up to 12" in length with a diameter of 2 to 4.5" using design techniques such as spot varnish, tip-to-tip printing, mirror print, contour print, and more. At the show, the Double Helix will print on Tritan bottles with the assistance of automation for quick and continuous printing. The robotic system with both vacuum and dual grip action provides three important benefits: more consistent production times, 24/7 production capabilities, and the elimination of down time.  

Next up for digital is the X5-T, a high-performance flatbed that can print a full area of 43.3x24" in two minutes (uni- or bi-directional) for parts up to 20 inches. Utilizing the latest in print head technology, the high-throughput X5-T prints CMYK plus two highly opaque UV LED-curable white inks, with an optional varnish for additional visual impact. Ideal for full-color on-demand printing, this machine enables users to lower production costs, provide faster response to customers, and handle short-run quantities with customization. The X5-T will print on mint tins at the show. 

The final digital machine will make its mark as the latest addition to the Inkcups line-up of digital cylinder printers.  

To showcase the flexibility and range of Inkcups’ pad printers, the company will be printing on a wide variety of giveaway products. The high-speed, single-color tabletop pad printer, the B100, will print on T-shirts; the B150 large image pad printing machine will print on notebooks; and the ICN-200 one-color sealed cup pad printer will print on frisbees.   

The last machine in the Inkcups booth is the CobaltONE. This laser plate maker utilizes highly advanced fiber laser technology, enabling it to etch the smallest dot size and sharpest images. With a patented Inkcups Cobalt plate material, the CobaltONE can etch images in less than five minutes. There will be plate-etching demonstrations at the booth. 

To see these printing machines in action and to speak with Inkcups’ experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers, visit Inkcups booth C9939.
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