Expertise, Industry Feedback Drive Revamped Digital Resources from TVF

TVF, a 100% employee-owned, leading global textile supplier, has launched a comprehensively-refreshed version of — loaded with more tools to empower customers and textile expertise seekers alike. Built on a foundation of nearly five decades of fabric industry excellence, the new digital resources available at bolster TVF’s position at the forefront of textile supply knowledge and fulfillment.

“What separates our new website from others,” says TVF VP of Customer Experience Jeff Swedberg, “is the tactile approach and considerations baked into the user experience: from videos that showcase the textures, finish, drape, and hand of the numerous fabric types we offer to the intuitive journey to explore or purchase, we built the platform with customers in mind — with a heavy dose of their feedback driving the creation process. We’re thrilled to see how the new experience will help our customers reach new heights.”

Users will immediately notice the new website’s emphasis on delivering a journey tailored to their needs. Whether they are looking to learn about or purchase rolls of industrial, apparel, home décor, or print media materials, can help. Coupled with TVF’s state-of-the-art online Resource Center, the platform features expert-crafted videos and imagery that inform the buying and information-gathering processes in innovative ways that bring a hands-on consultation feel to anywhere.

“Textiles remain a product for the senses,” says TVF VP of Sales, Industrial, Apparel, and Home Décor Robert Hinsch. “We continue to recognize a deep knowledge deficit related to textiles in the digital marketplace and have pushed for to bridge the gap and serve as both an informational resource for industry learning and a consultative presence for existing and potential customers. The core values of TVF drive us to help people succeed, put relationships first, and always improve. This exciting digital transformation takes another important leap toward those purposes.” has answers and seamlessly showcases TVF’s extraordinary breadth and depth of fabric varieties, illustrating products, printing options, and project possibilities like never before.

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