ICScolor Rises to The Top of the Class

ICScolor, the inventors of the digital color proofing software Remote Director, is thrilled to bring ICScolor systems to college classrooms.

With the help of unlimited-user software license, installation, and training donations, ICScolor has launched its educational partnership program and already premier college graphic communications programs at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), California Polytechnic State University, and Rochester Institute of Technology. These schools have implemented the ICScolor solution to train the print, graphics, branding, and media professionals of tomorrow.

“The contract proofing cycle is a critical component of workflows for demanding brand owners, especially for advertising, publication, and packaging printing. Using Remote Director, our students work in real-world, color-critical scenarios as they prepare to become the next generation of leaders in this industry,” says Rochester Institute of Technology Associate Professor Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. “The remarkable technology inherent in Remote Director touches many of our core competencies, including color management, workflow, approval cycles, process control, production efficiency, and sustainability. The spot-on color fidelity and tools offered in the system are particularly impressive.”

As Dr. Meyers notes, Remote Director and ICScolor systems can strengthen core competencies within communications curriculums, extracurriculars, and client projects for real-world experience.

Colleen Twomey, chair of Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department, expressed her excitement about this incredible donation. “Our students will be working with ICScolor Remote Director in several classes such as prepress and color management. Our student-run printing enterprise, University Graphic Systems (UGS) will be using the technology for real jobs. Students who work in UGS will have first-hand experience on how Remote Director can offer color-accurate proofs for customers,” she says. “At Cal Poly, our motto is ‘Learn by Doing.’ Through the generosity of ICS, our students are working with the latest technologies to better prepare them to become the future leaders of our industry.”

ICScolor appreciates the enormous value colleges and universities bring to the print, media, and graphics industries when graduates are already experts in relevant tools and future-focused applications when they enter the workforce. They are already in conversations with several more educational institutions and have several instructors and program chairs also excited about getting on board.

“Digital proofing solutions such as Remote Director and other ICScolor products are key to the advancement of brand and print management, and we are thrilled to share these technologies with instructors and students in college-level graphic communication departments,” says [VB2] Vicki Blake, VP of business development at ICScolor. “As remote collaboration for teams and brands around the world becomes the standard, now is the time for the next generation of creators, brand managers, and production professionals to master accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use color management solutions that they can take with them and implement in real world production environments.”

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