Colbert Packaging Installs 8-color RMGT 10 Series Performance Packaging Press

RMGT, manufacturer of commercial and packaging offset presses, announces that RM Machinery has installed its fourth RMGT 10 Series press at Colbert Packaging. The RMGT 1050 LX 8-color packaging press, also known as the RMGT 10 Series Performance Packaging Press, was installed at Colbert’s Elkhart, Indiana, facility. Founded in 1959, Colbert Packaging is a leading manufacturer of paperboard solutions for the pharmaceutical, health care and consumer goods industries. With two facilities, one in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and one in Elkhart, Indiana, Colbert Packaging produces folding cartons, pressure-sensitive labels, informational packaging inserts, and several specialty products.
With the need for only a single passage of paperboard through the press for seven- and eight-color jobs, Colbert Packaging can significantly reduce its makeready and manufacturing times with the press. “The addition of the RMGT press means improved makeready times for our customers,” said Production Manager Aaron Peters of the Elkhart, Indiana, facility where the press was installed. “While we have always been proud of our reputation for exceptional paperboard packaging, less pass-through handling equates to even greater efficiency and flawless quality.” 
President John Lackner of Colbert Packaging expressed his appreciation of the partnership with RM Machinery and is excited about the RMGT 1050 LX 8-color UV + IR. “We have built a great partnership with RM Machinery that supports our growth strategy through capital investment,” says Lackner. 
“The RMGT 10 Series at Colbert Packaging is efficient and flexible for producing paperboard packaging of any complexity with any print run length in an industrial printing environment,” according to Director of Customer Service Lloyd Molloy of RM Machinery. “The RMGT 10 Series Performance Packaging Press achieves very high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This press is equipped with seven UV dryers, making it ideal for printing up to 17,100 impressions per hour in a multitude of combinations of inks and coatings on any substrate.”
The RMGT 1050 LX is an 8-color press with coater, a flexible option necessary for packaging. With speeds up to 17,100 sheets per hour, it can accommodate paper as thin as .002 and paperboard as thick as .032. The press can be equipped with both UV dryers, infrared dryers and a closed-loop color spectrophotometer for precise color matching with minimal interruption as well as automatic delivery shutters for nonstop operation in conjunction with the nonstop feeder.
A significant feature of this press is the double-diameter impression and skeleton transfer cylinders designed to transport paper with minimum flapping, providing stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock. Fully automated plate changing, a plate clamping system that does not bend, a lubrication-free gripper shaft torsion bar and bearings on gripper shafts on the impression and transfer cylinders allow the operators to save hundreds of hours of operation per year. Additionally, maintenance mode and cleaning mode functions result in faster adjustments and faster cleanup on the press. 
“We are pleased to see the continued success of packaging printers such as Colbert Packaging,” concludes Molloy. “There will be seven installations of the RMGT 10 Series press in 2022, providing further validation of the RMGT 10 Series Performance Packaging Press as a leader in the 41" market for packaging printers and converters.”