Grace Printing Installs Komori GL40 Advance Press with LED-UV

Komori America announces that Grace Printing, a commercial print and direct mail business with production facilities in Skokie, Illinois, has purchased a 40", six-color Lithrone G40 advance (GL640 advance) press equipped with LED-UV to add the efficiency and capacity needed to expand its business. Grace Printing is a family-owned Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) serving Chicago and its suburbs since 1992. After reviewing three manufacturers in making a decision on a new press, the company chose to invest in Komori’s GL640 advance for its stable high-speed operation and flexibility that would allow the company to increase capacity and enter new markets.

“In searching for the new press, we did our homework and found that the Komori GL40 advance press had the capabilities we needed to support our current business, as well as allow us to enter new markets, such as packaging,” says Titus Eapen, CEO at Grace Printing. “Sustainability and the environment are important to us at Grace Printing. LED-UV is simply a more sustainable product than regular UV regarding energy and efficiency. We also learned in talking with other Komori users that we can look forward to shortened makeready time with this new press. That, coupled with the speed of this machine, should increase our efficiency dramatically.”

Designed to be the type of environmentally responsible press Grace Printing wanted, the GL640 advance saves energy and resources, reduces harmful chemical substances, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during printing and reduces noise. The GL640 advance offers a maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour and handles a wide range of stocks, accepting sheets from ultra-thin to thick, also important to Eapen whose eye is on entering the packaging market. 

“There are three basic things we looked for in selecting a new press,” said Eapen. “Efficiency is No. 1. The reliability Komori is well known for is No. 2. No. 3 is economy. We know we will be saving money with the speed, the LED-UV curing aspect and less waste, which is now more important than ever with the paper shortage. Ultimately, they all come back to the enhanced efficiency we are confident the GL640 advance will provide.”