Kongsberg PCS Launches Whitepaper

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) has launched a free new industry whitepaper, detailing the importance of finding the balance between sustainability and creativity as businesses look to secure a competitive edge in today’s challenging landscape. 

The leading manufacturer of digital cutting solutions to the worldwide packaging, signage, display, and manufacturing markets consulted with board suppliers, display designers and manufacturing companies to identify key considerations for the future of display design and manufacture. 

“The last couple of years has certainly presented a challenging time for sign and display businesses, with a global pandemic wreaking havoc on lives around the globe, forcing entire economies into recession and having a devastating impact on the industry,” says Stuart Fox, president & CEO with Kongsberg PCS. “As the world returns to a semblance of normality in the wake of the pandemic, there is a new set of challenges on the horizon - from global logistics issues to an uncertain geo-political situation and worldwide economic volatility. 

“While the issue of sustainability fell away from the agenda at the height of the pandemic — with manufacture and supply of goods taking precedent to consumers’ usual habits and ideals — it is now firmly back on the agenda,” he says. “But with businesses needing to be creative to achieve success, where does sustainability actually fit, in the context of the sign and display sector?” 

"Finding The Balance Between Creativity And Sustainability: Key considerations for the future of display design and manufacture features the informed opinions of key industry players" includes Einar Ek, director of business development with re-board technology and Maximilian Hansen, CEO of Nordwerk Design. 

“With this whitepaper, we wanted to cavass opinion and examine what the future might hold for our industry,” explained Stuart. “We wanted to gauge where our customers, partners and peers who have successfully navigated the tumultuous last two years, see the path forward taking them. 

“As businesses look to the future with a mixture of hope and apprehension, it’s important to remain positive and ensure they are equipped to meet the challenges they face right now, as well as to thrive in the years that follow,” said Stuart. “By examining how experts in this area foresee negotiating the balancing act between meeting the creative needs of customers and delivering the sustainable solutions demanded by consumers around the world, we hope to help them achieve this goal.” 

Free copies of the new whitepaper are available now

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