INNOVATIVE Digital System Builds on Its Rotary Printer Line

INNOVATIVE Digital System (IDS) announces the release of the TwinRev 360, a dual rotary unit designed to increase production over standard one-up rotary printers.

Similar to the popular Revolution 360T and other printers offered by IDS, the TwinRev 360 can produce full-color images (WW+CMYK+VV), with optimal adhesion, on a wide range of cylindrical items including glass, tumblers, jars, and cans.

“When you combine printer options that include printable areas up to 12.9” with the maximum object size of the TwinRev 360, you have a system that fits production runs of all proportions,” says Craig Smith, president of IDS. “Add in a price tag on par with some single-object printers and it immediately becomes a valuable model in our lineup for a wide range of customers.”

Compatible with the UV inks offered by IDS and, printer configurations are available to not only accommodate primer and Lc/Lm ink options, but a larger print width as well.

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