Practix Mfg. - USA Announces Release of Two New Rotary Presses

Practix Mfg. - USA announces the release of two new rotary presses in its flagship OK-CP and OK-RTR line. The OK-16 CP Rotary Heat Press and the OK-16 RTR Rotary Heat Press are high-end yet cost-effective continuous heat transfer rotary presses that meet the demand of the continued production growth happening within the digital textile market. The OK-CP and OK-RTR series continue to provide users new workflow improvements and entry-level technologies. Practix Mfg. has been shaping the digital print industry with technically advanced, industrial large-format heat transfer equipment for multiple decades and is excited to announce both the OK-16 CP and the OK-16 RTR as the latest addition to its fleet of options.  

The Practix OK-16 CP and the OK-16 RTR Rotary Press feature a 16” diameter oil-filled, steel-encased drum for need of a high-speed transfer production. Engineered to provide 240 degrees of heat contact, which is required for the sublimation heat transfer process. This drum size equates to an increase production speed of 230 liner ft./hr when running at a 40-second dwell time. Production can easily be increased or decreased by managing production controls on the easy-to-navigate touch screen interface, which provide intuitive user control and savable settings to ensure consistent production when working with various substrates. 

Each of these new rotary presses are available in 66”-, 88"-, 104”-, and 128”-wide printable widths, all of which offer impressive image transfers, high productivity, and value-added functions, providing new middle and high-end buying options. The OK-16CP and the OK-16 RTR are the perfect partnership with all the top industrial digital textile printers as well as direct fabric fixation.  

These machines are designed and built by Practix Mfg. using heavy-duty frames, automation, and best quality electrical and pneumatic components like all Practix heat transfer equipment, including sublimation machines, lamination machinery, and embossing equipment.