FloorSignage Unveils DriveOn Graphics

FloorSignage LLC, launches DriveOn Graphics, the world’s first wide-format print media designed to be applied to surfaces that support both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. DriveOn Graphics is the first retro reflective digital print media created with drivers in mind. DriveOn Graphics can be applied directly to streets, parking lots, and driveways providing motorists with clear visual communication. This first of its kind material offers ground graphics in full color that will stand up to the rigors of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

“Placing graphics on outdoor walkways was a radical idea in our industry back in 2013 when we launched AlumiGraphics Grip,” says Scott Wieclaw, president of FloorSignage LLC. “Thanks to our product, AlumiGraphics Grip, outdoor floor and ground graphics are now commonly used worldwide and known to be the most reliable solution for graphics on concrete, asphalt, and brick, withstanding weather conditions and pedestrian traffic.

“We began R&D efforts for DriveOn Graphics not long after launching AlumiGraphics Grip, in response to customers asking if our material could withstand vehicle traffic,” continues Wieclaw. “The missing piece of the puzzle was to develop a wide format print media product that would combine the ease and utility of a pedestrian use graphic with the strength and durability of a vehicular traffic marking,”

Until recently, stenciled, painted graphics and thermoplastic products have been the only options for graphics placed on parking lot and driveway surfaces. “DriveOn Graphics provides a better alternative to these current methods that suffer from design limitations, are difficult and expensive to apply and are not easily removed,” states Wieclaw.
“Not simply just an outdoor ground graphic, DriveOn Graphics offers vehicle durability. When ground graphic materials are used on surfaces supporting vehicle traffic such as parking garages, cross walks, drive thru lanes and transit stations, most graphics cannot withstand the forces they are subjected to by vehicle traffic. Some manufacturers claim their graphic materials can withstand limited vehicle traffic, but the truth is, these materials are thin and soft leaving them susceptible to damage. 

“DriveOn Graphics provides dimensional stability, designed to withstand the kinetic friction that takes place between a tire and the graphic material,” says Wieclaw.

“DriveOn Graphics solves the common issue faced by graphic materials used in areas serving both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, providing a retro reflective, slip-resistant pedestrian safe product reducing accident risk. DriveOn Graphics' retro-reflectivity results in a highly visible material both day and night, providing crucial response time for vehicle drivers,” continues Wieclaw.

DriveOn Graphics can be cut to shape and used as turn arrows, symbols, and other traffic control and curbside messaging. The material is matte white and direct print compatible with latex & UV flatbed and hybrid printers. U.S.-made, DriveOn Graphics offers easy, heat-free installation, and is sold in 44”x35’ rolls to suppliers.

“This new material blows the door wide open for endless uses from parking lot traffic markings to creative cross promotion for brands that can now easily access endless amounts of available surface area. Think branded parking spaces or sponsored curbside pickup areas and electric vehicle charging stations. There are no limits to the uses of DriveOn Graphics,” says Wieclaw.

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