OneVision's Latest Software Release Enhances Automation

The flexibility and dynamics of digital processes are enormously important; this has been shown not only by the developments of the past two years. With demand-driven workflows, production peaks can be compensated, new production requirements can be adapted in an uncomplicated way, and resources can be scheduled precisely. To enable its customers to do this even better, OneVision Software is expanding its solutions with new tools that ensure more flexible integration and simplified ways of working. 

Easy integration with front ends and production devices

The backbone of all OneVision software solutions is the flexible workflow management system Workspace Pro X. With the new version, this has been further strengthened: the creation of workflows as well as the integration with front ends and production devices becomes easier and more powerful. The new module "Send HTTP commands" enables easy communication with other web-based tools. Sub assembly lines create better structuring of workflows and bundling of recurring steps in separate assembly lines. When higher throughputs are required, the optimized distribution of Workspace Balance System jobs achieves higher performance of individual clients. 

The enhancements to the integration modules for production devices, such as the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1, Canon PRISMAsync, Zünd Cut Center, and C.P. Bourg, ensure smooth control of these production devices. 

New features also for file preparation

When preparing print files, the handling of bar codes has been optimized — recognized bar codes can now be replaced. The bar code and background colors can now be defined for special requirements. Workflows for processing multipage documents are enhanced by the very flexible options for inserting blank pages. 

With regard to nesting, the combination of single-sided and double-sided jobs enables more flexibility. In addition, the configuration options for Summa marks and cutting lines have been expanded.

With the release of the new software version, OneVision continues to follow its high-quality and service standards and helps print service providers worldwide achieve more economical print production. More can be learned about automation in print production in OneVision's webinars.
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