Brother DTG Offers New GTX600 Mass-Production DTG Printer

Brother DTG has a new digital direct-to-garment machine for mass-production print shops that offers bulk printing capabilities and increased reliability to ensure shops can turn out more high-quality printing in less time. 

The new GTX600 is designed for shops that are outputting 5,000 shirts per month or more, per printer. Using CMYK + W on dark prints for testing, production speeds have been averaging 59 shirts per hour for an 11x11" design at a resolution of 1,200x900 dpi. 

By incorporating the latest technology, production speeds have been increased by keeping the ink system in a print-ready state. Its 16 ink channels are staggered in four industrial print heads where internal cooling fans enable nonstop printing. The ink is also filtered and degassed allowing it to maintain consistently high print quality of up to 1,200x1,200 dpi HQ. 

Shops will find with the variety of platens available on the GTX600, they can print a larger area and a wider range of products. The maximum print space goes up to 24x24", and the platen height can be controlled mechanically based on data from barcode automation. In addition, platens are designed to be easily exchanged for quick turnovers. 

Decreasing the amount of time spent on care and upkeep is an upgraded industrial maintenance station with fewer automatic cleanings for more continuous operation. By using new wet wiper/capping system and ink circulating technology inside the printhead, ink waste is reduced. 

A built-in humidifier ensures the machine functions in an ideal environment, which compensates for when it must be installed in less-than-optimal warehouse locations. All of this translates to less maintenance and downtime.

Another major advancement of the GTX600 is its greater sustainability compared to previous GT models. To cut down on packaging, ink is available in new 9- and 18-liter tanks. Water-based Innobella inks, which are GOTS6 approved and ECO PASSPORT certified by Oeko-Tex, also are eco-friendly.

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