New Copresco Press Installed for Fast Turnaround and On-Time Delivery

Copresco is upgrading its digital fleet with a second Konica-Minolta 6136P press to meet increased production demands and guarantees for fast turnaround and on-time delivery. The twin of the 6136P that was installed in late 2020 meets the same standards for Copresco’s high-volume production and provides exceptional black & white print reproduction.

“The people at Konica-Minolta are amazed by Copresco’s demanding quality standards and commitment to maintain our 'Copies Overnight' promise of producing 250,000 pages overnight for any client,” says President Steve Johnson. “We have fine-tuned the new press to assure that our large-scale black and white printing matches Copresco’s award-winning color work.”

The press offers in-line saddle stitching for up to 80-page booklets and can handle multiple paper stocks and weights. Precise tone controls are included to allow the creation of halftone curves on the fly. “This is a feature normally only found on full color presses, but required by Copresco for our unparalleled monochrome work,” Johnson adds.

Copresco produces millions of pages of short-run publications, books, manuals, and publications. Projects range from booklets, catalogs, handbooks, textbooks, and technical materials, to training aids, newsletters, calendars, and cookbooks.