OnPrintShop Launches v9.0 to Help PSPs to Enhance Post-Purchase Experience

COVID-19 has plunged many businesses across the globe, making it challenging for the printing and packaging industry to survive the crisis and stay intact to the new market opportunities. According to recent research by Quocirca, 75% of print service providers (PSPs) expect the crisis to cause significant ongoing market disruption and 70% of print volumes has declined among their end users.

There are many challenges faced by PSPs during pre- and post-COVID-19, such as the sale of traditional print products went down due to major businesses being shut, huge change in the trend of how print products were being ordered v/s now through growing online platform and paradigm shift towards personalized solutions, innovative and digital products/services, real-time purchase experience and cost-effective products.

Many B2B PSPs shifted to B2C formats. Due to smaller teams, manpower shortages, social distancing practices, and work-from-home working conditions, it becomes difficult to manage activities, which results in decreased productivity and profitability. There is an increase in online ordering through platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

While some PSPs have taken this crisis as a growing opportunity to innovative their traditional business model by digitizing their service mechanism and offer a wide range of digital and innovative products/service to ensure business continuity in these unprecedented times.

OnPrintShop, on the release of its v9.0, states that this version focuses on major areas of reducing orders and quantities. With order management module, PSPs can simplify their order processes, keeping a complete track of quotations, order status, and shipments within the centralized dashboard rather than having multiple solutions. Accepting small orders becomes easier with OnPrintShop's web-to-print solutions, making the business profitable, reaching more clients, maximizing productivity, and enhancing the purchase experience of end users.

Traditional print vendors find it difficult to add new customers and manage, but with OnPrintShop, they can add as many new customers as they want and keep track of their details, orders, quotations, repeat orders, and so on. It also focuses upon delivering the best user experience of pre- and post-purchase through modern UI/UX enhancements, where the end users can use ready personalized design templates or create their own with just a few easy steps, using photobook solutions, canvas previews of products before they are printed, and more. The outcome of this enhancement will be increased sales, more personalized solutions, user interface increases, repeat business, and client retention.

“As printers are looking for personalized solutions and maximize their productivity post COVID-19, this major upgrade can help them enhance user experience through modern UI/UX enhancements, provide better website navigation experience through Google Workbox and automate order management. We have integrated several third- party solutions for the better performance of our print software,” says Naresh Devra, product manager, OnPrintShop.

The printing market globally has become very competitive and dynamic with the continuous change in paper pricing, freight charges, and other print costs. For many businesses, price and shipment charges have been the major concern and often lead to failing to provide competitive prices to clients. OnPrintShop helps automate the order management, has a hassle-free quotation process, calculates price easily with dynamic-based price calculator, has a precise shipping process with optimizing charges, and keeps a track of waste management. This results in increased repeat orders, profitable business, brand building, minimal communication, centralized data network, and simplified approval processes.

On the release of v9.0, Naresh Bordia, VP – BD at OnPrintShop, says, “There is an increase in on-demand packaging and personalized print sales solutions post COVID-19. We have integrated the latest and best online technologies to enhance user experience with a modern interface and streamline their order management processes through new enhancements and solutions. With our customer-centric approach, we aim at providing effective e-commerce solutions along with reduced costs and simplified B2B approval processes.”

The other key highlight of this version includes two new solutions: 

  • 3D Label and Packaging solution - Specially designed to offer Personalized Label & packaging with 3D interactive preview and simplified pricing to offer instant estimation for complex packaging products.
  • Partnership Management Solution – Specially designed for commercial, trade printers & franchisee printers to synergies & leverage partnerships and grow print sales with web-to-print technology.
  • Other Key features – 3D interactive preview, product master option with custom mark-up, widget-based admin dashboard, more sorting options to add more products to the site, optimized Desigener Studio UI/UX, Mobile to PC Photo uploader, automated marketing tools to engage quality leads and innovative E-Commerce features. 

Several OnPrintShop clients that backed their businesses on physical meetings and traditional way of communication via phone or emails have quickly switched to responsive storefronts by OnPrintShop that help them manage orders and estimation and sales processed by the end users. With online channels, new clients were easily captured, generating profit through new product segments and repeat orders. The ones dealing in specialized products like HERO signage and graduation signage have historically achieved highest sales during COVID-19.

Client Nick Winford shares, “During the pandemic, our clients were able to use our services through our website and maximize the overall sales by 20%. We have managed to save our team’s time and efforts. Our web turnover has increased rapidly with visitors from Google Adwords and social media recommendations. OnPrintShop provides an excellent product with a great level of support due to which my growth is doubled than last year."