Idealliance Qualifies First Direct to Garment G7 Master Print Facility

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September 13, 2021

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Nazdar achieves G7 with DTG as a critical color management tool for the growing textile print segment

Alexandria, Va. — As print technology grows in parallel with print buyer requirements and education, Idealliance is proud to announce the first-ever Direct to Garment G7 Master Qualification issued for Nazdar Ink Technologies. 

As part of their technical laboratory in Shawnee, Kansas, Nazdar does extensive technical testing for the industry, developing leading solutions with other industry partners, and troubleshooting and testing for print providers. Utilizing an Epson Direct to Garment (DTG) press, Nazdar achieved G7 Master Qualification on this device by incorporating G7 based calibration and G7 aligned print across several textile applications. 

G7 alignment brings visual print consistency to any print technology, including this latest direct-to-garment application, providing brands and print buyers consistency in their branding, packaging, and media, regardless of how it is produced.

G7 Master qualified print facilities are demonstrated leaders, certified by Idealliance, that are able to align their print output to strict G7 compliance. This enables them to serve print buyers and leading brands who require their print production be G7 certified. 

As the G7 Expert who performed this G7 Master Qualification submission, Nazdar consultant Tim Quinn aligned this technology, and implemented G7 process control with this first for the direct-to-garment print sector. “Through my work as a G7 Expert with Nazdar, I work with quite a wide range of print providers and print technologies. Implementing G7 and achieving G7 Master Qualification on our technical center's direct-to-garment press was an exciting project, and demonstrates the need, and ability for color and process control in this sector of print. It will be exciting to see the direct-to-garment industry continue to grow and evolve to best serve its customers who demand consistent, aligned color and branding, regardless of the printed product.”

Idealliance now has 17 different areas of qualification for G7 printing, with inkjet direct-to-garment being the newest of these. Wide-format, flexo, and gravure are also growing.

“Our motto is, ‘Transform the industry — forever,’ and that is what has happened with this latest exciting development. We, as Idealliance, support print providers, leading OEMs, their customers around the world, and the entire print supply chain, and this latest addition to the long list of aligned print technology through G7 demonstrates the impact of a unified, standards based, print methodology that also delivers visual consistency,” adds Jordan Gorski, Executive Director of Idealliance. “We have said all along that any four-plus color print technology can be managed with G7, regardless of how a printed product is produced — whether a printed T-shirt or textile, banner, flexible packaging, labels, corrugated/carton packaging, digital, and commercial print. Print buyers can always expect the same visual appearance through G7's alignment because it is based on gray-balance and tonality, leading to the ultimate level of brand consistency.”

G7 provides significant business benefits to print manufacturers, such as reduced make-ready, and quicker press calibration, reducing costs, and increasing proficiency. Find out how G7® has become the leading calibration methodology for print service providers, and the leading print specification for global brands and print buyers at

Only Idealliance trained and certified G7 Experts can submit and achieve G7 Master Qualification for their own production technology, or to support their clients, partners, and other members of the print supply chain. 

To find a G7 Expert or G7 Master printer near you, or to check the official status of a G7 Expert or G7 Master visit the official Idealliance G7 certification directories at or become a G7 Expert by attending an upcoming G7 Expert training session. A full calendar of upcoming training can be found at

For questions or more information contact Jordan Gorski, executive director, Idealliance, at (703) 837-1096 or

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