AXYZ Introduces New METALWORKER Router for High-Performance Metal Cutting

AXYZ Tailored Router Solutions is excited to announce the addition of the all-new METALWORKER Router to their inventory of industrial grade CNC machines. Fabricators looking to process nonferrous metals in low-to-high-volume manufacturing environments will benefit from a standard list of great features that make the METALWORKER one of the best machines in the market today. 

Purpose-built, high-performance cutting

METALWORKER was uniquely designed for end users looking to process small-to-large-sized sheets of material including aluminum, copper, zinc, and metal composite. A rigid frame coupled to a stress relieved gantry reduces tool motor vibrations and provides fantastic edge quality.

AAG MOVE — the industry's most intuitive operator control interface

MOVE drives all machine tasks and is designed to optimize the operation of an operation's CNC machine. Perform tool changes, set up work offsets, call up a new file, or optimize cut speed. MOVE makes machine operation easy.

Those interested in more information on METALWORKER or any other router can contact their local AXYZ Sales Rep by completing the online contact form or calling 1-800-361-3408. 

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