ColDesi Launches DigitalHeat FX Bundles with CRIO White Toner Printers

ColDesi, the maker of the DigitalHeat FX white toner printer bundles is pleased to announce the new Crio to the product line up. The Crio brand of white toner printers takes over for OKI Data in the United States with the same great product models — the 8432 and 9541 — as the core of DigitalHeat FX systems.

“The Crio 8432WDT takes over for the OKI pro8432WT printer, and the Crio 9541WDT replaces the OKI pro9541WT,” comments Mark Stephenson, director of marketing for ColDesi. “The best part of this change is the updated U.S.-based owner support system right from Crio, AND the exclusive ColDesi Support Tablet that’s now included.”

Every new DigitalHeat FX 8432 and DigitalHeat FX 9541 will come with an 8” tablet with direct links to support, training, and supplies.

Support Features Included 
-ColDesi OnBoarding  (through the Get Started link). That’s the first step in accessing everything that customers get when they join the ColDesi family of customers, including their own customer care representative! 

-Training Videos on Demand. All ColDesi customers are pre-registered for self-paced training classes. These videos can be accessed while working with the tablet. 
ColDesi Supplies Link. Quickly reach Colman and Company, the ColDesi Supplies website where customers will find the paper, toner, and other supplies they need to run their business. 

-Technical Support Link.  Help is just one click away. Keep your Tablet on hand in case you need some expert input to get the best results. ColDesi Support can even use that onboard camera to give you real-time feedback. 

-Rewards Points. When customers purchase equipment, they are automatically enrolled in ColDesi+Rewards  — and get big points right off the bat. 

-Business Help & Advice. There’s a built-in link to the Custom Apparel Startups podcast that has 150-plus hours of advice and discussions about the customization business. 

Joe Smalley, sales manager for the DigitalHeat FX line at ColDesi, says, “We’re excited because we’ve already had a long and great relationship with ISW, the company that’s providing the Crio, and we get to take that to the next level.”

ColDesi is reminding everyone that the printers themselves have not changed, only the branding and inclusion of the ColDesi Support Tablet.