LexJet Introduces In-House Digital Label Printer and Cutter

LexJet, a subsidiary of S-One Holdings Corporation, has launched a new printer and die cutter that allows cannabis brands to print high-quality labels in house. 

The RP530 and RP530W printers, manufactured by IntoPrint and sold under LexJet, allow for premium digital label printing in full CMYK, or CMYK+White. 

The RF8510 die cutter seamlessly finishes label jobs, and can laminate, diecut, strip, slit, and rewind. The machine uses plotting technology to cut labels into any shape. 
These machines are an ideal investment for cannabis brands who are looking for the flexibility of variable print and on-demand label production. 

These print and finishing solutions allow brands to print variable data, remove production delays, reduce inventory, and lower print costs by bringing label production in house. Due to the ever-changing nature of cannabis regulations, business owners can seamlessly change artwork files as regulations change.

With the solutions from LexJet and IntoPrint, there are no more costly reprints, high minimum order quantities, or warehouse shelves filled with non-compliant labels. Cannabis business owners can simply print the exact quantity they need when they need it.
The RP530 and RP530W label printer, and the RF8510 diecutter are easy to use, straightforward to install, and require minimal training to get started.