Epson Adds E-Learning Materials to the SurePress Website

As more companies look to do their own research before engaging with a salesperson, Epson today announced new e-learning materials available on its website for the SurePress L-6534VW UV digital label press. Readily available information allows prospective customers to better understand their digital label press options, the technology available, and how the SurePress L-6534VW can meet their business needs. 

“We understand that potential prospects prefer to do their own analysis before speaking with someone on our sales staff,” says Gabriela De Los Angeles, associate product manager of marketing, Epson America. “In an effort to help prospective customers be informed about their options and the unique technology our solutions leverage, we’re glad to offer these new e-learning materials.”

New e-learning materials available on the SurePress website include:
- Automation: How automating manual tasks and implementing precautionary features can significantly reduce downtime, resulting in greater output
- Digital Varnish: How Digital Varnish embellishment can be used to add a unique look or tactile feel to a final product
- Print Quality: Advanced technology can hold media tightly to allow for precise ink droplet placement, while LED pinning system holds ink in place and prevents bleeding or uneven lines
- White Ink: For labels printed on clear, metallic, and similar substrates, white ink can provide both opacity and a white basecoat for images

For inquiries in North America, or to set up a remote live demo, contact:

- Western Region – Mark Elsbernd, 818-620-2730 or
- Central Region – Bob Ochalla, 630-710-6005 or
- Eastern Region and Canada – Frank Connelly, 615-585-9058 or