KJ Jaramillo Joins Inksoft as Chief Marketing Officer

InkSoft recently hired KJ Jaramillo to lead the marketing departments for Inksoft and its sister company GraphicsFlow. As chief marketing officer, Jaramillo will be responsible for the planning, development, and execution of all marketing and advertising initiatives. 

Jaramillo has a career that spans more than 20 years working in diverse industries and companies including startups, Fortune 500, and nonprofits. He’s the recipient of 11 major marketing awards while serving clients in the B2C and B2B space. 

Other accomplishments include launching two Super Bowl commercials, social media content generating 18 million impressions, and releasing a YouTube backpacking channel of his own.

Jaramillo is a high-caliber, accomplished professional who has helped drive communication messaging and strategy across industries,” says JP Hunt, co-founder of InkSoft. “He will play a pivotal role executing our growth plans and helping clients maximize their success with our all-in-one e-commerce print platform.” 

“I'm so excited about the opportunities and potential available with InkSoft and GraphicsFlow, and I'm grateful to be part of this amazing team,” says Jaramillo. “I look forward to helping our clients optimize marketing strategies and grow their business in new and innovative ways.”